Visual Studio 2015 Preview is available


Microsoft has announced availability of Visual Studio 2015 Preview. This is next stage of something that was called Visual Studio 14 CTP.

There is a lot changing in new Visual Studio 2015 Preview. Major points are:

  • Cross platform device development in C++
  • Android emulator
  • Updated tooling for Apache Cordova
  • Open source .NET compiler
  • Support for ASP.NET

But there is something that I really love – Visual Studio 2015 allows for much more code-focused experience. Here are some examples:

  • Colorized ToolTips – When you hover over collapsed region a tooltip with colorized code will appear. Respectfully when you hover over a method then a tooltip with parameters will be colorized as well.
  • Better static code analysis – Unused ‘using’ statements are fading. A light bulb will appear often when you hover over error or warming and will propose potential fixes.
  • Extensible refactoring – The community can build all types of other refactorings now.
  • Inline rename – Rename refactoring action will not pop up a dialog box anymore. Also it will warn about conflicts and be able to resolve some of the for your.

There is also very interesting usability improvement. Visual Studio 2015 has improved account management. It allows single sign on for multiple services and makes it easier to use multiple accounts for different features. You can find more details in Visual Studio 2015 account management improvements post.

Get Visual Studio 2015 Preview.


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