Visual Studio

Visual Studio 2015 versions and features

Recently Visual Studio 2015 was released. Microsoft is still delivering a Community Edition that has a lot of features, extension support and is free for non-enterprise application development.

Entity Framework 6, database-first with Oracle

I spent a lot of time trying to find out how to implement Entity Framework 6 database-first scenario with Oracle database. It’s not as straightforward as you might think. I searched various websites and found only confusing information. Finally I got it working, therefore I can confirm that EF6 database-first works with Oracle databases. First, let me clarify my environment. I have Visual Studio 2013 and .NET Framework 4.5.2 installed. Secondly, a word about my goal. I wanted to create a MVC5 website that connects to existing Oracle database. So, here is how I did it. Setup Oracle Developer Tools […]

MSBuild code is now open

Last week Microsoft has announced that MSBuild become part of .NET Foundation. The source code is available on GitHub.

Visual Studio 2015 Preview is available

Microsoft has announced availability of Visual Studio 2015 Preview. This is next stage of something that was called Visual Studio 14 CTP. There is a lot changing in new Visual Studio 2015 Preview. Major points are: Cross platform device development in C++ Android emulator Updated tooling for Apache Cordova Open source .NET compiler Support for ASP.NET But there is something that I really love – Visual Studio 2015 allows for much more code-focused experience. Here are some examples: Colorized ToolTips – When you hover over collapsed region a tooltip with colorized code will appear. Respectfully when you hover over a […]

Visual Studio Community 2013 is free and has Visual Studio Professional 2013 functionality!

The history is happening now! Microsoft decided to release a new Visual Studio edition – it’s called Visual Studio Community. It’s much more than Visual Studio Express edition. Some features that I really love: It’s integrated – There is no need to install Visual Studio few times if one want to do desktop and web development. It’s all integrated as in paid versions. Cross-platform mobile development – Visual Studio Community 2013 has good support for cross-platform development (Windows, Android, iOS). Support for various languages – Not only C#, F# and VB, but also C++, Python, HTML5 and JavaScript. It’s free […]

C# tutorial – Visual Studio Express installation, C# Hello World!

Ok, you’re interested in C#. So the basic question you might have is how can I begin? Good question, let me present a kick-start. To develop C# application you need a development environment. For C# development (but not only) you can use Visual Studio which is excellent IDE (Integrated Development Environment). There are many versions of Visual Studio – compare Visual Studio products. The most interesting for new C# or .NET enthusiast is Visual Studio Express – it’s free version that anyone can use for C# development EDIT: Microsoft has released Visual Studio 2013 Community – it’s much more powerful than Visual Studio […]