All C# 6 features with short examples

It’s time to sum up all C# 6 features. Here is a list of all goodness with short examples implemented and tested in Visual Studio 2015. nameof String interpolation Null-conditional (?. and ?[]) and null-coalescing (??) operators Index initializers Extension methods visible in collection initializers Exception filters Auto-property initializers Expression-bodied […]

C# 6 features – Static using 2

One more C# 6 syntactic sugar feature is static using.  The feature eliminate explicit reference to the type when invoking a static method.

C# Tutorial – Namespace and using directive

It’s normal, that in big programs there will be many classes. Having them in flat hierarchy would cause a headache. That’s why C# has a concept of namespaces. They allow to organize classes in a hierarchical way. Good example is .NET Framework.