Setup Azure VM as developer machine


I used Azure VM for development for quite some time. But just recently found an article on how to properly set it up.

I usually carry a thin client (tablet + keyboard) with me. It’s great that I can leverage the power of cloud and do the development from almost anywhere.

Here is a great video about requesting and configuring an Azure VM with preinstalled Visual Studio. There is also written version if you don’t like to pause video constantly.

Before you start just make sure you choose a proper VM image that suits you best.

Desktop Windows vs Windows Server build

I personally prefer desktop version (Windows 8.1) as I can configure it to look and feel as my personal machine quite easy – I add my Microsoft account and all setting are copied – the same as in linked video / article. Windows Server 2012 R2 is a bit too raw for development in my opinion.

Visual Studio version

There are few versions to choose from but you have to note that not all are available with Windows 8.1 image – e.g. Community edition. If you really need Visual Studio Community on a desktop VM you will end up making clean Windows 8.1 VM and installing VS manually.



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