C# 6 features – String interpolation

This article is part of series about C# 6 features. Let focus on string interpolation this time. It’s one of the new C# features that will for sure affect the way you write C# code.

C# 6 features – nameof

Recent release of C# 6 and Visual Studio 2015 introduced many useful features. I’ll try do describe all of them. The first for today is support for nameof expressions.

Visual Studio 2015 versions and features

Recently Visual Studio 2015 was released. Microsoft is still delivering a Community Edition that has a lot of features, extension support and is free for non-enterprise application development.

Introduction to ASP.NET 5

There are 2 huge architectural changes in ASP.NET 5. Firstly, it’s much leaner – e.g. no longer requires System.Web.dll.  Secondly, it’s modular – almost all features are implemented as NuGet packages. Cross-Platform Runtime ASP.NET 5 includes MVC 6 framework. It combines features of MVC and Web API into a single web framework. The new version of ASP.NET is built on the .NET Core, but it can also be run on the full .NET Framework. .NET Core – new cross-platform runtime with a smaller footprint. Advantages: Separation from the runtime version that is installed on the host operating system – application […]

Useful libraries

I’ve decided to create a page where I’ll add links to useful libraries. I’ve put there one entry already: Dataflow. You can find a link in the top menu as well.

C# Tutorial – Arithmetic operators

Sooner or later every programmer will have to do some operations – arithmetic, logical, etc. C# has a lot of operators to help with that. And this time I’d like to introduce arithmetic operators.

log4net tutorial– Great library for logging

A lot of applications use logging as a way to store information about performed operations. Such data is very useful when you have to diagnose an issue. Logging could be done on many ways, but sometimes it’s just easier to use an existing solution. I’d like to introduce one of many libraries for logging, but quite powerful – log4net.

C# Tutorial – String manipulation

Sometimes an application has to do a lot of string manipulation operations. Especially when it needs to print data in a well specified format. Sometimes it just needs to let user know something. In this post I’ll show you few techniques how to manipulate strings and explain what are consequences of using each.