Visual Studio 14 CTP

First release of new Visual Studio 14 CTPs


Microsoft has released first Community Technology Preview of the next version of Visual Studio. The codename is Visual Studio 14. This is an early, prerelease version and can not be used in production. Microsoft recommends to install it only in test environments with no previous versions of Visual Studio installed.

Visual Studio 14 includes new .NET compiler platform (Roslyn) which supports C# and VB fully. One of new features is API from NuGet with their own analyzers plus squiggling issues and fix prompts as one type.

C# refactoring has been updated. There are two new refactorings: Introduce Explaining Variable and Inline Temporary Variable. More, refactoring for Visual Basic has been introduced.

Further Visual Studio 14 CTP features:

  • ASP.NET vNext
  • ASP.NET 4.5 Web Application templates
  • C++11: support for user-defined literals, noexcept, alignof and alignas inheriting constructors
  • C++14: support for generalized lambda capture, auto function return type deduction, and generic lambdas

Requirements: On a clean Windows 7 box I had to install Internet Explorer 10 before I was able to install Visual Studio 14 CTP.

Here you can download Visual Studio 14 CTP.


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