C# Tutorial

What is .NET Framework? 4

Let me start my blogging adventure with a short overview of .NET Framework on top of which C# language works.

C# tutorial – Visual Studio Express installation, C# Hello World! 46

Ok, you’re interested in C#. So the basic question you might have is how can I begin? Good question, let me present a kick-start. To develop C# application you need a development environment. For C# development (but not only) you can use Visual Studio which is excellent IDE (Integrated Development Environment). […]

C# tutorial – Object-oriented programming and basic C# syntax 1

Concept of object-oriented programming C# is a simple, general-purpose, modern, object-oriented programming language. I know, It’s a lot of technical terms in one sentence. Let me explain meaning of each: simple – C# is easy to understand and learn general-purpose – C# will do fine for most programming challenges modern […]

C# Tutorial – C# Statements 1

Every application executes a set of actions. In C# applications they are called C# statements and they are separated by ; char. Statements are executed in sequence unless a statement says different (jump statements / conditional statements). Here are some examples of simple C# statements: