C# Tutorial

What is .NET Framework?

Let me start my blogging adventure with a short overview of .NET Framework on top of which C# language works.

C# tutorial – Visual Studio Express installation, C# Hello World!

Ok, you’re interested in C#. So the basic question you might have is how can I begin? Good question, let me present a kick-start. To develop C# application you need a development environment. For C# development (but not only) you can use Visual Studio which is excellent IDE (Integrated Development Environment). There are many versions of Visual Studio – compare Visual Studio products. The most interesting for new C# or .NET enthusiast is Visual Studio Express – it’s free version that anyone can use for C# development EDIT: Microsoft has released Visual Studio 2013 Community – it’s much more powerful than Visual Studio […]

C# tutorial – Object-oriented programming and basic C# syntax

Concept of object-oriented programming C# is a simple, general-purpose, modern, object-oriented programming language. I know, It’s a lot of technical terms in one sentence. Let me explain meaning of each: simple – C# is easy to understand and learn general-purpose – C# will do fine for most programming challenges modern – All fancy new stuff can be implemented in C# object-oriented – C# supports object-oriented paradigm Let’s focus a bit on the last point. You might hear many various definitions about object-oriented programming, but there is one very simple. Object-oriented programming is about modelling real world objects or concepts as […]

C# Tutorial – C# Statements

Every application executes a set of actions. In C# applications they are called C# statements and they are separated by ; char. Statements are executed in sequence unless a statement says different (jump statements / conditional statements). Here are some examples of simple C# statements:

C# Tutorial – Namespace and using directive

It’s normal, that in big programs there will be many classes. Having them in flat hierarchy would cause a headache. That’s why C# has a concept of namespaces. They allow to organize classes in a hierarchical way. Good example is .NET Framework.

C# Tutorial – String manipulation

Sometimes an application has to do a lot of string manipulation operations. Especially when it needs to print data in a well specified format. Sometimes it just needs to let user know something. In this post I’ll show you few techniques how to manipulate strings and explain what are consequences of using each.

C# Tutorial – Arithmetic operators

Sooner or later every programmer will have to do some operations – arithmetic, logical, etc. C# has a lot of operators to help with that. And this time I’d like to introduce arithmetic operators.